Filling the Barn with Music: Nimo Patel "Empty Hands" Tour


"We arrive on to this planet empty handed. We will all soon leave empty handed. So then, how do we want to spend the time in between?" -Nimo Patel

An  Ivy Leaguer, graduate of Wharton School of Business, an MTV rapper and  owner of a recording studio in New York City, Nimo woke up one day  asking, "Is this really it?" He began to look deeply within, found  meaning in being kind, expressing gratitude, helping children in  poverty, and giving freely. Please join us on Tuesday, July 1st when Nimo will be bringing his Empty Hands Tour to HopeWell.  This event is open to everyone in the community - people of all ages, including children, are encouraged to attend!

Last  week, Suzanne Brace, HopeWell's director, was also looking deeply within-about HopeWell-when she came across an article about Nimo, who is  doing a free concert tour in America and the UK. His message of giving  with an open heart was appealing to Suzanne.  She wrote to him, he  responded, they talked, and found that Nimo's and HopeWell's values were beautifully aligned in many wonderful ways.

Giving freely and unconditionally resonates with HopeWell and with Nimo. We loved the synchronicity, and suddenly, a concert was on our calendar!

We encourage you to RSVP to help us plan.  Please call 410-832-2719.

Our Mission is to create a community for all people with cancer, their families and friends, that encourages an exchange of information, the development of a support system and the presence of hope.