Groups for People with Cancer

Find your own path through cancer...

All of HopeWell's programs are designed to provide what cancer survivors tell us works the best:  professional support, access to information and an instant community of people who understand exactly what you are going through. Our programs are open to people with cancer at any stage: newly-diagnosed, in treatment, post-treatment or living with cancer as a chronic condition. Survivors are welcome at any time.

Our support programs fall into two categories:

Networking Groups bring together people with the same type of cancer. These groups offer an active exchange of sound information, the chance to make new friendships and the flexibility to drop in when your schedule allows.These groups meet once or twice each month.

Participant Groups meet weekly and include people with different cancers and at varying stages of their illness. Groups often discuss ways of dealing with the stress of cancer, provide camaraderie and explore how to be an effective part of your health care team. Please contact us if you are interested in joining a Participant Group. Pre-registration is required.  

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Our Mission is to create a community for all people with cancer, their families and friends, that encourages an exchange of information, the development of a support system and the presence of hope.