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Our Mission


to HopeWell Cancer Support

in Baltimore County, Maryland 

When you hear the words
“you have cancer”
everything changes
                            . . . for you and those around you.
A cancer diagnosis touches every part of one’s life.  Medical treatment is hard enough, the emotional and social journey can be equally daunting.  It takes more than medicine . . . and that’s where we can help.
At HopeWell, you are a person . . . not your diagnosis.  Away from the busy medical world, we welcome you in, invite you to go at your own pace, find your own path. 
It begins with a welcome . . . so please contact us.

Our Mission

To create a community for all people with cancer, their families and friends, that encourages an exchange of information, the development of a support system, and the presence of hope.


No Charge

At HopeWell there are no barriers, no bureaucracy and no fees.  We are here for you without question or hesitation. 


HopeWell does not charge for its programs because we are a community of care.  We are people with cancer, their loved ones, professionals from many fields, donors and other committed friends all dedicated to the well-being of HopeWell participants.



HopeWell has been changing people’s experience of cancer as a nonprofit organization since 1993. 


We are the Baltimore region’s only source of comprehensive psychosocial cancer support that is independent, free-standing, non-institutional and community-based.



Each member of HopeWell plays a valuable role and has something unique to offer.  We welcome all and come together as equals ensuring that people are not alone in their journey with cancer. 


In our community, hope is discovered, redefined and sustained.  Hope is the heart of HopeWell. 

Our Mission
At Hopewell

At HopeWell

We do not prescribe...we offer. 

People come to us at every stage of the cancer experience, as do their loved ones.  Our role is to meet you where you are, to invite you into a community that understands what you are going through.


Our programs are developed to address the emotional, physical, intellectual, creative, spiritual and social aspects of living with cancer.  They encourage an exchange of information, the development of a support system, and the presence of hope for all who enter our doors.


HopeWell’s exceptional services are provided at no cost, and are staffed by experienced, credentialed professionals and instructors.  Within our monthly calendar, we trust that everyone can find something that is helpful.

Support Groups

Variety of support groups facilitated by licensed clinicians for people with cancer, their families and loved ones.

Bereavement Support

Adult bereavement groups and family grief groups for children, teens and parents.  


Presentations by oncology experts and practical workshops on an array of topics.

Movement & Exercise

Includes exercise classes, qigong, t’ai chi and yoga taught by instructors certified in their particular field.

Expressive Arts

Programs exploring the process of creating and self-expression.  

Stress Reduction 

Calming mindfulness meditation, relaxation and meditation, sound meditation and yoga nidra.

About Us

About Us

Since 1993, HopeWell has been dedicated to the psychosocial support of people with cancer . . . any diagnosis, at any stage . . . in treatment, long-term survivorship, or facing the end of life. They, their families and friends are invited to join an inclusive community of people who share the common bond of cancer.  Our community spirit, deep values, and comprehensive programs help participants develop their own, self-determined ways of coping and are conducive to inspiring hope.


Our setting is a warm, inviting farmhouse and contemporary Amish-built barn on over eight acres of meadowland tucked conveniently and surprisingly near the junction of at I-695 and I-83 on Falls Road just north of Baltimore City.

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“There’s so little about HopeWell that’s about cancer.  It’s about people thriving.  Cancer may be the elephant in the room, but we get beyond the elephant.”

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“Thankfully there are islands like HopeWell when you get thrown overboard...”

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“At HopeWell, from day one, there were no barriers, no bureaucracy and no fees.  HopeWell was there for me . . . where I was, at that moment . . . without questions or hesitation."

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